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Who Am I

My name is Hans Baerveldt, I’m an artist/designer and antiques restorer.
In my live I have been allowed to design many beautiful objects and give life and shape back to many objects centuries old.
Besides this, I have for decennia now, gone deeply into the cannabisplant and all her [medical ]utilizations. Chemical analyses and active research into the practical adaptations of the cannabisplant are essential and real to me.
As an artist I’m not unfamiliar with the search for the playing field between ratio and emotion. These aspects particularly seem to play an intriguing role with the cannabisplant.

In fact I see myself a little like a modern alchemist.
The last 9 months I have busied myself with developing the 1-Vape system.
The glass building system for the cannabist.
1-Vape stands for the feeling of sharing and caring, 1-Vape, 1- World.

I hope to awaken this feeling in you too and welcome you into my 1-Vape world.
A glass building system with which you can experiment to your hearts desire at home.

With the 1-Vape system i would like to address individual sitiations ,with you as the end user.
Do understand, I don’t want to incite anyone to producing of/or consuming of cannabisproducts.

In the near future I will continue to develop new adaptations and additions to the 1-Vape system. I do think that more possibities can be invented and executed in heat resistant laboratory glass.

For me it makes the circle complete, giving shape and giving shape back.

Hans Baerveldt