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1 vape the system

A box of building blocks for the Cannabist.

It has come to my attention that Cannabists often seem to have to be content with inferior means because home usage alone is not enough to warrant buying expensive and and specialised equipment.

I have found a solution for this in the 1-Vape system, a glass system by which you can make different arrangements from the same components. The retort that you use with you bong/waterpipe, can also be used to evaporate the alcohol from the oil you’re making, the mouthpiece can also serve to extract your BHO and a number of other potential possibilites.

This playful element didn’t start to live a life all on it’s own, everything is of use!
Every adaption was created to improve the smoking, vaporising and or making your own extracts.

Every part is handmade from heat resistant glass, borosilicate glass also known as laboratory glass. A material that cannot in any possible way have any influence on the taste or composition of the product used.
Besides this, it’s also possible to match and use the 1-Vape system with all standard laboratory glass. I also have designed the 1-Vape system in such a way that all parts are easy to clean.

After 9 months of development, I haven’t finished playing out with the 1-Vape system. You can expect more implentations and modules.

Because a video says more than a hundred words, there’s a video underneath with a number of possible arrangements. Click here for the video.